Popularly known as the sunny side of life, Maldives is admired for its exquisite white sandy beaches, underwater scenery and the endless beauty of its blue lagoons. These features has now built a prestigious reputation amongst the tourism community, making Maldives one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world.


The Maldives, lying in the Indian Ocean, is the smallest nation of Asia. It consists of 26 coral atolls, made up of 1190 coral islands which are dispersed over 90,000 square kilometers. Being a part of Southern Asia, Maldives lies to the south-west of India.


Maldives provides 24/7 warm, tropical climate with sunshine all year. Even during the wet seasons the temperature is always above twenty.

What to Wear

Clothes suited for a warm climate is the dress code in Maldives. Shirts and jeans (casual wear) are most popular amongst the locals. However, it is highly important to embrace local traditions by wearing acceptable clothing.


Population levels have reached an approximated number of 317,000 people by 2010 out of which 70,000 people are working foreign nationals.

Culture & Language

Traditional Handicraft is a very big part of the Maldivian culture, although it is not widespread throughout the country today, there are a professionals who are still in the business.

All locals speak the national language Dhivehi whereas most of the population are fluent in English.

Local Time & Business Hours

Maldives Local Time is GMT+5.

8AM to 2PM is set to be official working hours, whereas private firms’ working hours may vary. However restaurants and local shops are open as late as 12 midnight.

Communication & Safety

All forms of latest technology is available in the Maldives. From the latest mobile phones to the latest communication services that require to run a smart phone are widespread throughout the country.

Safety is one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of Maldives. It provides an environment in which a person does not have to worry about any unrest.


There are strict laws set according to the Maldivian customs. Importation of alcohol, firearms and illegal drugs into the Maldives is prohibited.


Maldives is truly the paradise on earth with its incomparable beauty. Tourism is expected to grow wider with more opportunities in the future.